One-click Reporting

As the technology is getting better, all the audit firms, no matter how huge or small, definitely need to determine their creative strategies for better auditing and reporting. Another thing better than audit reporting is automated audit reporting for more accurate results, and less time consumption.


  • Automated audit reporting eventually leads to enhancements of quality, reduction of risk, and let us not forget increased risk intelligence.
  • Data is properly integrated for providing a more consistent foundation of information. 
  • AI audit reporting possesses human capabilities and spares auditors all the time needed for auditing them manually.
  • Automating can also help in gathering all the data from every ERP application without any hassle.  

Features of iRM:

  • Every audit report can be downloaded and edited by auditors for confirmation and modification purposes.
  • To get apt audit reports, there is always continuous monitoring of every change or modification made within the system.
  • This can help in saving all the cost that is needed for manual auditing.

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