Dynamic Agile Identity Management for Highly Interconnected Ecosystems Worldwide

Embrace Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

Enhance the security of on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments through seamless integration with native technologies. Implement intelligent policies and automate identity workflows across your essential enterprise applications.

Secure IoT & OTInfrastructure

Implement access policies based on risk factors throughout your entire network and identity ecosystem, all while enhancing the security of privileged access. Effortlessly integrate both human and machine identities into a certification process that is attuned to risk.

Demonstrate Adherence to Regulatory Standards

Speed up compliance efforts with a Unified Controls Framework that aligns with industry regulations, standards, platforms, and control categories, including SOX, GDPR, ITAR, and DFARS.

Accelerate the process of generating reports.

Manage external access from suppliers, partners, and vendors by implementing a system that combines invitation-based onboarding, risk-driven policies, detailed application access controls, and the ability to delegate permissions.

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Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

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Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

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Customer Sentiment Analysis- Key to a Treasure Trove

Customer Sentiment Analysis- Key to a Treasure Trove

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Common Inquiries from Identity Teams in Manufacturing

What ways does Irm support management of my globally distributed workforce?

iRM's Enterprise Identity Cloud safeguards "work from anywhere" workforces with extensive identity management features and the flexibility to scale the platform as business needs change. It ensures secure access to both human and machine identities, applications, and infrastructure through session recording, key logging, cloud-native logs, and customizable controls in multi-cloud environments.

How can I effectively manage a consistently changing identity environmen

iRM's Enterprise Identity Cloud conducts regular scans for emerging identities, workloads, and applications. It provides continuous surveillance of access permissions to detect control breaches, and in case of an incident, offers alerts and automated remediation recommendations. The platform also simplifies the onboarding of third-party identities and establishes your primary identity source for non-employees.

Do your compliance controls integrate effectively with my current applications and platforms?

iRM provides compliance controls and robust integrations for mission-critical applications such as SAP, Workday, Oracle, Microsoft 365, and more. These align with essential compliance requirements like SOX, GDPR, ITAR, and DFARS and are cross-referenced with regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control categories

Can iRM enhance third-party access management?

Securing third-party access is a core feature of iRM's identity platform. Our Third-Party Access Governance solution provides industry-leading management capabilities to streamline onboarding, provisioning, monitoring, auditing, and the termination of time-bound relationships throughout the engagement lifecycle. Enhance efficiency by delegating tasks, automate low-risk requests, and escalate higher-risk requests for additional review, reducing both time and costs.

How does iRM assist in mitigating cloud access risks?

iRM empowers enterprises to achieve streamlined Identity Management through a unified platform. With seamless integration across cloud providers, you can depend on a single solution for access management across both cloud and enterprise applications. Attain comprehensive visibility and control, including identity context, risk intelligence, and a robust identity repository.

What other methods can iRM assist in establishing our Zero Trust architecture?

With a cloud-native solution, manufacturers can effectively manage access, implement least privilege principles, offer just-in-time privilege elevation, and time-restricted access to reduce overall risk, even in diverse computing environments. iRM facilitates straightforward visualization, administration, and management of identity governance (while automating compliance), all without compromising end-user experiences.

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