ITGC / ITAC Automation

ITGC play a vital part from creating a new user’s creation of accounts to password security and software security and modifications. ITAC is a security control that helps in blocking suspicious applications from running something malicious which can cause risks to the company. ITAC lets authorities comprehend if all the data imputed in the software are correct and safe.

Tools regarding data automation utilize robotic process automation (RPA) which results in an intense effect on the IT control areas. Automation helps in managing IT, tracking, and remediating the IT general controls effectively for accurate and better results.


  • Automation of IT controls helps in saving a huge amount of time.
  • IT control automation is fully secure and accurate giving precise results.
  • Automated monitoring is available 24×7 making sure that every fragment of data is secure.
  • Helps in creating new users and limiting access to only privileged users for better data security.

Features of iRM:


  • iRM prioritizes providing extra and better security to important and most critical data from getting violated.
  • iRM collaborates with different ERPs like Oracle, SAP, Workday, and many more for better accuracy and financial support with a large number of preset rules. 
  • Creation of Super users which means only they can create or delete users and assign roles.
  • Due to continuous monitoring, Super users get notified when there is a potential risk or suspicious activities and instantly take action like 2FA and password changing or access review

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