Identity Access Management & Governance

Enhance the security of your environment and streamline identity management through iRM

Elevate Compliance Maturity

Leverage a pre-built risk control library and Unified Controls Framework to fulfill FFIEC and other industry regulations through compliance-as-a-service.

Embrace Cloud with Confidence

Effectively manage both human and machine identities with precisely allocated access while ensuring the segregation of duties to minimize the risk of fraud.

Modernize Traditional IGA

Achieve agility by integrating IGA, PAM, and automated compliance within a single platform.

Enhance Adoption

Simplify onboarding and access request procedures to enhance user adoption and reduce the provisioning cost for employees and third-party users.

Automate Identity Management

Automate the provisioning and de-provisioning of just-in-time access as identities are added, transferred, or removed.

Continuously Monitor Controls

Demonstrate the effectiveness of controls through real-time, ongoing risk monitoring and intelligent analytics.

Modernize Identity Infrastructure

Enhance Identity Governance and Administration, mitigate risks, and expedite decision-making with AI/ML-guided choices.

Streamline & Automate Compliance

Leverage automation to ensure sustained compliance across diverse IT environments.

Minimize Unauthorized Access

Regulate access to sensitive data and systems using dynamic, behavior-based scoring and controls, advancing Zero Trust initiatives.

Securely Connect to Applications

Effortlessly integrate iRM with your existing enterprise platforms to enhance visibility and mitigate risks. Benefit from swift application discovery and accelerated onboarding.

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Common Inquiries from Identity Teams in the Banking and Insurance Sector

Is identity and access lifecycle management straightforward to implement?

iRM simplifies application onboarding, allowing organizations to seamlessly link various apps and automate user access, even in the absence of an integration protocol. Speed up application onboarding for efficient multi-application data handling and enhanced access management.

Can you streamline emergency or privileged access management?

iRM offers time-bound, elevated access during IT emergencies, with over-the-shoulder monitoring and immediate revocation options when necessary. Automated lifecycle management of emergency access, with continuous reviews, helps mitigate credential misuse. iRM subsequently assesses usage to confirm that only authorized activities were carried out.

Can iRM enhance the maturity of my compliance program?

Financial institutions can automate access monitoring and remediation tasks to ensure ongoing compliance. The platform seamlessly integrates with crucial monitoring solutions, such as SIEM, GRC, eGRC, and UEBA tools, to identify high-risk users and prevent fraudulent activities.

How do you streamline controls management to enhance my compliance stance?

iRM Exchange enhances your compliance stance through its control repository and Unified Controls Framework. These mappings encompass vital regulations, industry standards, platforms, and control categories, including SOC 1, SOC 2, PCI-DSS, and the FFIEC IT Manual.

Do you facilitate risk-based access review and certification campaigns?

iRM supports these initiatives through intelligent analytics and peer analysis, which offer insights into your highest-risk access levels, enable ongoing monitoring, and provide risk mitigation controls. You can establish risk-centered workflows to counteract the practice of merely rubber-stamping periodic reviews and certification campaigns.

How accurate can I expect my access visibility to be?

iRM delves into application security hierarchy intricacies with precision, providing a precise view of access and enabling the implementation of least privilege access across your complete application ecosystem.

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