Ensure the Security of Your Vital Infrastructure, Applications, and Personnel

Govern Complex IT Ecosystems

Swiftly enhance security across your technology stack through native integrations, ensuring the protection of on-premises, hybrid, cloud, or multi-cloud environments. Employ intelligent policies, automate identity workflows, and leverage pre-built integrations across a wide spectrum of enterprise applications.

Secure Industrial IoT & OT

Implement and uphold access policies based on risk factors for the complete industrial identity environment. Smoothly integrate these identities into a certification process that is attuned to risk awareness.

Improve Assurance & Meet Compliance Mandates

Speed up compliance efforts with a Unified Controls Framework that aligns with industry regulations, standards, platforms, and types of controls through cross-mapping.

Solve Third-Party Access Risk

Manage third-party access effectively using integrated invitation-based onboarding, risk-oriented policies, precise access controls for enterprise applications, and delegation functionalities.

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Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

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Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

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Common Inquiries from Identity Teams in the Energy & Utilities Sector

Is the deployment of identity lifecycle management straightforward?

iRM provides streamlined application onboarding. Through the use of Identity Bot, enterprises can effortlessly link various applications and automate user access, even in the absence of an integration protocol. Accelerate the onboarding of applications to ensure seamless multi-application data handling and enhance access management.

Can identity intelligence prevent data breaches associated with industrial control systems and networks?

iRM's Advanced Identity Analytics can detect potentially harmful activity that might result in a breach. The platform notifies security teams or can implement preventive measures to halt malicious actions and avert unauthorized access and data sharing.

Do your compliance controls seamlessly integrate with my current applications and platforms?

iRM offers compliance controls for mission-critical applications. These controls are in alignment with significant compliance requirements, including HITRUST, PCI, SOX, NERC/CIP, COBIT, and CIS. The iRM platform also cross-references with regulatory initiatives, control frameworks, platforms, and control categories.

How does iRM aid in mitigating cloud access risks?

With iRM, enterprises can achieve streamlined Identity Management through a unified platform. Leveraging deep integration across cloud providers, you can depend on a single solution to oversee access across both cloud and enterprise applications. Obtain comprehensive visibility and control, including identity context, risk analysis, and a robust identity repository.

Is real-time provisioning effective in practice?

Access provisioning is efficiently governed through a combination of preconfigured and tailored controls. Access automation empowers users by granting low-risk access, with high-risk requests being elevated for additional scrutiny when necessary.

Can iRM enhance third-party access management?

Securing third-party access and adaptable provisioning are core components of iRM's identity platform, and they form the foundation of a Zero Trust Identity framework. Our Access Governance solution offers top-tier management for third-party engagements throughout their lifecycle. This includes overseeing accounts from their initiation, through access administration, periodic evaluations, and eventual decommissioning.

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