Align your security approach with the agility of your DevOps strategy.

Harness the cloud's capabilities to maintain the pace of business operations while upholding security standards

What's the Secure Way to Deploy Code?

iRM seamlessly integrates into your CI/CD pipeline, offering access to identities responsible for overseeing the code migration process on a time-limited, as-needed basis. This ensures privileged access is granted solely during the movement of code changes through the development and testing stages, thereby diminishing the potential for unnecessary or abandoned access.

How Can I Simplify User Requests for Check In/Check Out Privileged Access?

Our adaptable self-service functions ensure a smooth and effortless access request procedure. Every request undergoes scrutiny using predefined control sets, offering a comprehensive assessment of access risk to guide approval determinations. Our Privileged Access Management (PAM) system employs intelligent access request capabilities, automating access for low-risk requests and escalating unusual ones for additional scrutiny

How Can I Embrace Zero Trust in DevOps?

iRM establishes transient identities and limited privilege escalation to harness the capabilities of the CI/CD pipeline on demand. Utilizing a web-based console access approach establishes a foundation for Zero Standing Privilege, mitigating the typical risks associated with lost, compromised, or forgotten keys or credential

How to Safeguard Against Cloud Configuration Errors?

iRM maintains constant surveillance and assessment of your multi-cloud setup to detect and swiftly rectify configuration problems. These vulnerabilities can vary from basic misconfigurations like exposed ports on a database management system to intricate issues such as hosting production data on development systems. 

How Can I Leverage Analytics for Security Event Inquiry?

iRM takes in data from various security systems to swiftly identify incidents, conduct thorough investigations, and apply suitable remedies 

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How iRM Addresses Difficulties Faced by the DevOps Team?

Attain Agile Control Over DevOps Through Identity & Access Lifecycle Management

To consistently secure your DevOps approach, it is essential to perpetually oversee and regulate your ecosystem in a manner that enables ongoing code refinement. iRM seamlessly integrates with common federation platforms to effortlessly integrate with your multi-cloud environment. User accounts are directly associated with their identities and are automatically provisioned and de-provisioned as identities are added, relocated, or removed, ensuring that credentials do not linger unused. When users depart from the organization, iRM automatically eliminates or disables accounts within the federated platform and cloud solutions, guaranteeing compliance with regulatory requirements

Securely Expand Your DevOps Capabilities:

Expanding DevOps security involves additional expenses, whether in terms of cloud computing resources or the time of IT personnel. iRM simplifies the challenges associated with key management, client downloads, and the scalability issues often created by older tools. iRM'S robust cloud platform allows you to utilize adaptable connector framework to implement Bring Your Own Keys (BYOK) for data encryption and Bring Your Own Vault (BYOV) to securely store secrets and passwords. This approach empowers you to maintain full control over your data and seamlessly integrate iRM Cloud with your existing vault technologies, enhancing the governance of your privileged accounts.

Enable Security to Match the Agility of DevOps :

DevOps security needs to be capable of keeping pace with the speed and scale of cloud operations to ensure it doesn't hinder progress. iRM integrates with notification services across various multi-cloud environments to assess the inception of every workload, database, serverless function, or any other cloud asset. iRM conducts scans to detect misconfigurations, such as exposed plain-text ports on a database, and organizational policy violations, like deploying a database for development purposes with production data. Leveraging its extensive library of risk patterns and controls, the platform can detect and issue security alerts, and in some cases, even prevent the execution of high-risk assets.

Establish a Zero Trust Framework for DevOps:

DevOps teams can now operate without the delays typically associated with traditional implementations. Developers who use DevOps tools for deployment must ensure that code can execute with the required permissions, all without embedding authentication keys or passwords directly into the code. IRM API integration empowers developers to programmatically request access permissions and acquire a key during code execution from the identity vault, thereby establishing a more secure environment that is less susceptible to key theft and compromise.

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