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Implement a Zero Trust framework

Implement a Zero Trust framework where iRM integrates with your multi-cloud setup to enable minimal permissions and precisely calibrated access. Authenticate every user, confirm every device, and judiciously restrict privileged access. 

Administer privileged access

Our cloud Privileged Access Management (PAM) system safeguards privileged access and shields vital resources throughout your complete infrastructure. Attain zero-standing privileges swiftly through just-in-time (JIT) access, minimizing risk while enhancing oversight and authority.

Streamline identity workflows through automation

Efficiently oversee access by employing a versatile policy and control structure. Enhance efficiency with workflow automation, encompassing intelligent access authorization, managing personnel transitions, and simplifying the process of adding new applications

Oversee reputation risk

Mitigate reputational risks stemming from third-party data breaches by coordinating access control for vendors, suppliers, and clients. Guarantee comprehensive identity management during the entirety of the third-party relationship. 

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Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

Data Science – Adding Value to your Business

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Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

Social media risks: Things that can cost you Billions

What is the first thing you do when you hear about a brand, a person, or an organization? You head straight to any social media site, be it LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram, to find details about them. That is exactly what we do, and when we don’t find them, we quickly believe that they are […]

Customer Sentiment Analysis- Key to a Treasure Trove

Customer Sentiment Analysis- Key to a Treasure Trove

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Questions CIOs Often Ask

What methods can I employ to expedite digital transformation while ensuring robust security?

iRM safeguards businesses by fortifying the evolving identity frontier and seamlessly bridging on-premises and cloud assets to incorporate emerging technologies. Automated platform processes hasten the management of lifecycles by utilizing predictive analytics to anticipate user access requirements and seamlessly integrating with well-known Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and collaboration solutions .

How can I discover, assess, and address security vulnerabilities effectively?

iRM maintains ongoing surveillance of emerging access risks, brings them to the forefront, and recommends corrective actions. You can establish workflows based on risk levels to facilitate analytics that enforce access regulations throughout your application networks.

Can iRM assist in alleviating the exhaustion caused by security monitoring among IT personnel?

iRM aids in time management for staff by utilizing predictive analytics to highlight high-risk requests. This decrease in alerts enables IT professionals to concentrate on essential identity security tasks.

Can I improve security without raising expenses?

iRM addresses user access-related security challenges and offers insight into excessive subscription expenses. Cloud PAM introduces just-in-time access elevation, reducing infrequently used administrative accounts and subscriptions. iRM AAG identifies underutilized license types to facilitate proper sizing. Mitigate third-party access risks through robust role-based access controls.

How do your control solutions enhance my compliance standing?

iRM's Control Exchange enhances compliance posture through its preconfigured control repository and Unified Controls Framework. These map across essential regulations, industry benchmarks, platforms, and control categories.

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