Artificial Intelligence. Concrete Outcomes.

iRM offers data-driven analytics with the most efficient and top-notch insights, allowing your team to concentrate on crucial business matters.

A Collaborative Approach for Enhanced Outcomes

iRM stands as a global frontrunner in financial risk identification and anomaly detection, revolutionizing work processes by pinpointing, bringing to light, and examining risk within extensive financial and operational datasets.

iRM seamlessly integrates auditing and financial proficiency with the brilliance of data science and AI to bolster professional discernment and fulfill the human desire for financial clarity.

By offering a assured and comprehensive perspective of your data, business experts are empowered to render superior, well-informed choices.

Developed by Financial Experts, for Financial Experts

We understand that despite all the advancements in technology, the readiness and pressures associated with internal or external audits remain significant.

The iRM team of CPAs rigorously assesses our product to ensure it aligns with your standards and persists in enhancing and broadening its capabilities. Additionally, our Customer Advocacy Program gathers consistent data to assist our team in fulfilling our commitments.

Built by financial professionals, for financial professionals

We know that all of the new and improved technology in the world can’t make up for the preparation and stress of an internal or external audit.

The iRM team of CPAs constantly tests our product to make sure we meet your expectations, and continue to improve and expand. On top of that, our Customer Advocacy Program captures consistent data to help our team deliver on our promises.