Access Certification

Identity and Access Management or IAM is critical for organizations as they must be able to react and respond quickly to various threats and opportunities. IAM infrastructure and other automated strategies should be configured properly to make sure that the system permit is always appropriate.


  • Offboarding and provisioning access that are automated can help in reducing the violation quantity that is found during the process of access recertification.
  • This helps the owners to define the type of access given to employees and review them.
  • Ensuring the complaint access in an environment that is dynamic with the various changes in roles and accesses. 
  • Access certification is an excellent way to provide insights regarding which employee has which access and how they are using it. 

Features of iRM:

  • Automation of access certification helps in notifying security and audit teams when there is a new certification.
  • iRM helps in providing and creating reports regarding all the access reviews and certifications.
  • All the certifications that are automated are precise and less error-prone, unlike manual processes. 
  • Access certification automation is effective and efficient which will allow the workforce and employees to concentrate on the business growth without squandering much time, budgets, or resources unnecessarily.

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